1) Direct Primary Care Saves Money

Direct Primary Care offers increased patient access, extended time with the provider, and expert-led healthcare navigation for a remarkably affordable flat monthly fee. Rates typically range between $75-125 a month per employee, and DPC isn’t prone to large annual premium increases unlike the traditional healthcare model.

2) DPC Improves Employee Health & Wellness & Offers a Recruiting & Retention Advantage

The lower cost of the DPC model of healthcare allows companies to increase their benefits package and allows smaller companies to offer healthcare benefits where they couldn’t otherwise. The level of care that DPC provides offers employees and their families an exceptionally high service standard in personal healthcare – one that they will appreciate. With unlimited access to their doctor, employees experience deeper, more productive doctor/patient relationships that are unheard of in the current insurance-based clinic environment.

3) Better Healthcare Improves Productivity

Less illness = Less Sick days. Without copays or deductibles, employees are encouraged to see their doctor regularly with a focus on preventive healthcare. DPC helps keep employees healthy by addressing healthcare issues while they are smoldering and before they become a fire. Comprehensive and personalized healthcare focuses on preventing chronic diseases before they start. For patients with chronic disease, Mosaic DPC policies ensure patients always receive the attention they need to take control of their health and establish a strategy to improve their overall wellness.