What’s the Difference?

Mosaic Medicine does not offer the traditional corporate approach to healthcare. Executive Medicine at Mosaic is different. We do not rush our appointments, push pills, discount complaints, double-book, or ignore the preferences of our patients. We place our relationship with patients, the quality of care provided, and the comprehensiveness of healthcare above all else. Mosaic Medicine aims to rebalance the old-fashioned and hands-on approach of medicine with the latest contemporary medical literature and diagnostics available.

-How well does your provider know you?

Executive Medicine starts with maintaining small patient panels. A traditional medical practice assigns upwards of 2,000 patients per provider; in order to care for such a high volume of patients, office visits are substantially shorter than those experienced at Mosaic Medicine. Many office visits that would be assigned 30-45 minute appointments with us, are forced into 15 minute time slots at other offices. Effective Medicine starts with personalizing approaches to an individual patient’s needs and goals; this is only possible when managing a limited number of patients.  Furthermore, we strive to schedule your initial and follow-up visits with the same clinician for continuity of care. We consider seeing a new provider with each office visit to be a barrier to the relationships our clinicians develop with their individual patients.

-What is an Executive Annual Physical? 

Annual Physicals are  assigned a 45 to 60 minute appointment in traditional practices. At Mosaic, our Executive Annual Physical can be 90 minutes or longer- when taking the patient’s needs into account. It includes a comprehensive review of a patients’ allergies, medical history, social history, and familial history as well as a thorough physical examination. After your physical exam, there is additional time set aside for discussion with your provider; we’ll use that dedicated time to talk about your health concerns and your wellness goals for the upcoming year.

-Have you struggled to get a timely appointment with your provider? 

We understand (we live it), it does happen when you are trying to schedule around the needs of 3,000 patients. With Mosaic Medicine, the average provider manages a panel of 200-300 active patients. With this structure, we are almost always able to accommodate same day and next day sick visits.

Benefits of Executive Primary Care:

-Extended Appointment Times with your Provider

-Executive Comprehensive Annual Physicals & Wellness Planning

-Same Day & Next Day Sick Visits

-See the same provider with each visit

-Small Patient Panel Sizes

-Traditional & Functional Medicine Approaches