Same Day & Next Day Care

At Mosaic Medicine, we understand the importance of getting an accurate diagnosis, executing effective treatment, and proper medical explanation during an acute illness. There is nothing worse than suffering from an illness while you wait multiple days for an appointment. Mosaic Medicine offers same day & next day appointments for illness and injury.

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Why Mosaic?

Mosaic Medicine is owned and operated by Cory Lucas, FNP-C, ENP. Cory is Board Certified in both Family Medicine & Emergency Medicine, you are in expert hands; in his Emergency Medical clinical practice, he works closely alongside plastic and trauma surgeons; you are in skilled hands when you need stitches placed, abscesses drained, or foreign bodies removed. With 15 years of experience in military medicine, primary care, urgent care, and Emergency Medicine, our patients have come to expect nothing less than compassionate, comprehensive, skilled, and expeditious treatment of their illness and injury.

Working together

We understand and respect your time. We offer traditional office-based treatments at our Bradenton location. Furthermore, we are one of the only clinics that offers traditional house-call services. Mosaic Medicine also offers tele-health services for our patients. All services available in clinic are also available via house-calls.

Tele-Health Disclaimer

 Since Mosaic Medicine is focused on providing Executive Primary Care & Wellness, we are judicious in our use of tele-health evaluation and treatment. We regularly fix medical errors and misdiagnoses associated with tele-health visits with other clinics. The often unnecessary prescription of antibiotics and steroids may cause real harm to a patient.  We will often use a tele-health visit to initiate treatment with a scheduled follow-up later in the day or the following day. Rest assured, at Mosaic Medicine you are getting comprehensive and personalized care, and you will avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments.